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Argentina is a country located in the southern part of South America and has more than 44 million inhabitants. It is the second most robust economy in South America and is a sought-after tourist destination for people from all over the world. In total, there are 172 casinos located in 23 different provinces, which are all independently reviewed by the Casinos Buenos Aires team and can be found below.

Argentina is the largest Spanish speaking nation on the planet. Its surface covers the American continent down to the South Pole. Part of Antarctica belongs to Argentina, an area called Antártida Argentina. As for the regions of this great country, they can be divided into the Andes Mountains, the Chacopampa plains, the Patagonian plateau, and the Rio Plata.Casinos Argentina

It is divided into 23 provinces plus the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the nation’s capital and the seat of the Federal Government. Each region is unique and offers attractive tourist destinations making Argentina the most visited country in South America and the second in all of Latin America, with an average of more than six million tourists.

The favorite tourist destination being Buenos Aires, which is considered a cosmopolitan city, home of the Tango, without leaving aside excellent food, wine, culture, and entertainment.

Some of Buenos Aires Provincial city attractions include Bariloche in Patagonia, one of the most frequented cities in Buenos Aires province and home to Llao Llao Hotel, which has been awarded several accolades as one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

To the north is Iguazu Falls in Misiones declared in 1984 as a Natural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO, and the great variety of remote sites the Andes in the South.

The glaciers are also one of the main attractions of Argentina, especially those in Patagonia, which are also considered World Heritage by UNESCO since 1981.

The province of Santa Cruz has many casinos belonging to the Casino Club chain, such as Casino Caleta Olivia, El Calafate, Las Heras, Rio Gallegos, Puerto Deseado and Pico Truncado.

Argentina is a country worth visiting and getting to know. No matter what region you decide to go too, you will always find natural beauty, excellent food and drink, vibrant culture and entertainment, there is something to satisfy every possible taste Much less if you decide to visit and enjoy one of its many casinos.

Wonders of Argentina

Visiting the wonders of Argentina, learning the Tango and eating and drinking like royalty isn’t where it stops. Argentina has over ninety well established, internationally recognized casinos to visit, of course, some stand out more than others. In the capital city, Puerto Madero Casino is a must. Trilenium (Casino Tigre) is listed as the eighth biggest casino in the world offering just under 2,000 different gaming options to its guests, live entertainment as well as several different dining options. Visiting the Hipódromo will allow you to split your time between the thrill of watching the horseracing and choosing from 4000 different gaming terminals to play on inside. Read more about casinos in Argentina by clicking on the province you are interested in:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Chubut
  • Cordoba
  • Corrientes
  • Entre Rios
  • Misiones
  • San Luis
  • Santa Cruz

Carlos Paz Casino, located in Cordoba, stands out with a large room full of slots, roulette, Punto y Banca, Blackjack, and other well-known games. Casino Alta Gracia is another venue which we would recommend visiting, surrounded by mountainous landscapes and known for its jaw-dropping architecture.

Entre Rios is a beautiful province with many accesses to beach fun, but of course nightlife as well. Here in the city, La Paz is the Casino Ciudad de la Paz, where there are roulettes with French and American table, Punto y Banca, bar, confectionery, and fast food.

Misiones is another very popular province in the north of Argentina. Casino Club Centro, Casino Club Garupá, Casino Rotonda, Casino Club Posadas, and Casino Villa Cabello are all situated in great locations and easy to get too.

The first themed casino in LatAm was opened in San Luis, namely New York Casino, which even has its mini version of the Statue of Liberty and a mini Brooklyn Bridge.